Hard-working solutions for hard-earned money. When it comes to planning for the future, we know that hard-earned money deserves a hard-working solution.

Joe Muto

We follow three core steps in our approach to the future.

  1. Make sure that your livelihood, families and wealth are protected
  2. We work with you to design a plan that’s aimed directly at the future you hope to create
  3. We work tirelessly to keep the path as straight and smooth as possible, regardless of the twists and turns that life might throw into the mix

We're happy to discuss our value added offering with you and illustrate how it compares to the various other options in the market.

Understanding your Statements

Beginning in 2017, you will find that your fourth quarter statement, typically mailed out in January, includes two new sections. 
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Your Guide to Mistake Free Retirement

Most Canadians want to retire in comfort. Unfortunately, far too many people aren’t aware that they may not be able to realize their retirement dreams.

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Our Perspective

Rana Chauhan, Counsel’s Chief Investment Strategist, cuts through the fog and discusses what's happening in the Canadian, U.S. and international markets over the quarter, and explains how the Counsel Portfolios are positioned. Rana tackles the recent market volatility and reminds your clients to remain rational, have perspective, and practice patience.Full Screen