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Counsel Portfolio Services

The Counsel Portfolio Management Team designs and structures investment solutions to suit the varied risk-return needs of clients. Counsel’s investment solutions are designed with an optimal mix of asset classes, geographic sector allocation and investment styles to provide well-diversified investment solutions. The team engages the services of an independent portfolio modeling service provider to support the periodic review of Counsel’s portfolio solutions.

The team is responsible for maintaining Counsel’s high quality roster of independent investment specialists.

They objectively research a wide universe of potential candidates to select ideal specialists for each investment solution using quantitative and qualitative methods. The team implements a rigorous monitoring process to keep each investment specialist accountable. This includes a review of investment specialist’s performance relative to the markets and their peers, while monitoring adherence to their mandates and investment styles. In addition, they evaluate changes within the corporate structure of the investment specialists’ firms and their investment management teams to determine if any such change would affect a portfolio’s potential long-term performance. If necessary, the team will replace investment specialists.

Help your Child Graduate Debt-Free

Did you know the average Canadian university graduate is leaving school with a debt load of almost $27,000? That amount of debt can cause not only financial stress, but it could also delay key milestones for children such as getting married, having children or even buying property. It is easy to see why parents wants to help their children avoid starting their life with loads of debt that could take them years to repay.

Regardless of which way you choose to get started on saving for education, the fi rst and most simple rule is to get started as soon as possible, in order to take maximum advantage of the available education grants and bonds as well as the benefits of compound growth. Talk to us about RESPs and other savings programs to help your children be debt-free when they graduate.