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McGoey Brothers Insurance Brokers

McGoey Brothers Insurance Brokers

McGoey Brothers Insurance Brokers are well-qualified insurance brokers that specialize in Home, Auto, Farm and/or Business insurance. They have been in business since the 1900’s. They have fourth and fifth generation clients. I am confident that they will provide you with the best possible service and products to suit your needs.

Please feel free to contact their office at 905-936-3441 and one of their experienced brokers would be happy to review your existing policies.  

Sabrina Smith

Sabrina Smith, AMP, Mortgage Agent
Mortgage Agent (Lic#M08003978)
Mortgage Intelligence (Lic#10428)

Sabrina joined Mortgage Intelligence in 2013 from IPC Save Inc. through the strategic alliance established between Investment Planning Counsel and Mortgage Intelligence. Throughout her tenure with Investment Planning Counsel, she held various positions, but joined the mortgage broker division, IPC Save Inc., when it was launched in 2002. Sabrina attributes her success to making client servicing her number one priority and diligently applies herself to meet the expectations of both the client and the planner.

Mortgage Broker services provided by Mortgage Intelligence (Lic#: ON 10428 | SK 315857).  

Rana Chauhan

Rana Chauhan
Chief Investment Strategist
Counsel Portfolio Services

Prior to joining Counsel in 1998, Mr. Chauhan spent two years as a Canadian Equity Analyst with a Municipal Pension Fund. He also spent two years as an International Equity Analyst with a U.S. Bank and two years as an Investment Strategist for Investment Planning Counsel Inc. He has been involved in the investment industry since 1987.  

PPI Solutions

PPI Solutions

PPI Solutions, a leading marketer of insurance solutions, supports our IPC team with technology, tools, education and resources to help us better serve our clients. Established in 1978 and with 16 offices across Canada, PPI offers actuarial, tax and specialized expertise in all aspects of life insurance, and specifically in the design of innovative strategies and ground-breaking products.

PPI’s complementary marketing channels are PPI Advisory, dedicated to the high net-worth market, and PPI Solutions, serving the broader Canadian market. Through independent insurance advisors, PPI provides our team with access to individual life insurance, critical illness insurance, long term care insurance, disability insurance, group insurance and executive benefits from major Canadian insurers.